All Good Things To Those Who Wait

I’m back! Yes I’ve been pretty busy and finally found some time where I felt like writing. As I begin to write this, Its 11:44 pm on a Sunday night and after a few twitter updates I felt like getting you all caught up on what I have been up to.

For starters I finished the stage set for the High School show choir. All that needs to be done to it now is have it assembled and painted Dec 7th when its closer to show time. I built a mock up manger, a hot chocolate stand, and a moving 12×12 wall. This is all part of the Christmas show coming up.

I have been really enjoying my new job. Especially the time off. Thats how come I am able to stay up late on a Sunday night writing. I am off for a whole week for Thanksgiving Holidays!!!

Speaking of this new job I must say that I have had a run on good luck lately. First stroke of good luck was getting this new job. I find myself really lucky to get a job in these terrible economic times that we are in right now, especially one that I like.

Second stroke of good luck was that I listed an old beat up vintage fender bass guitar on ebay, and not 30 mins after I listed it, I got a message from someone wanting to buy it outright. To make a long story on that one shorter. I managed to make a small fortune on that and was able to buy me and my wife brand new  iPhones. We sure do love these devices. They are truly amazing.

I think I will write new post about the iPhone and stuff later on this week.

Oh and I have not forgotten about writing about my Tom Tom GO 730. I need to do that asap, its really neat too.

Im tired, must go now.


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