Car Window Modifications

I have always wanted to have my car windows roll down without the key having to be turned to the ON or ACC postion.

There have been many times I have went outside to roll the windows up due to rain, crack them due to heat, or whatnot and forgot my keys. 
I was tired of that and finally found a hack to solve the issue. It was simpler than I had imagined.

I happen to own and Dodge Intrepid and was visiting one of my favorite forums and notice that user kevin1727 hacked his windows to do this so I will share what was in the post and show you how easy it is to do and you might be able to apply this to your car as well.

First Locate your fuse panel. Mine was just to the left of the steering wheel on the side of the dash.

After I remove the cover it looks like this the picture below.


Now basically all we will be doing is soldering some pieces together and making a jumper. Since the seats are on all the time, we just want to jump that off to the windows so that they will be too.

I took 4 of the 14/16 guage ( I beleive it was) male and female connectors and took the plastic parts off of them.
Now I would take the female ones and where the wire is supposed to be inserted, I spread that open with pliers just enough to put the male ones inside it. Then I solder them together and covered with heat shrink.

On one of them I had to put a jumper wire.

The Pictures provided by kevin1727 over at can almost speak for themselves.

Here is an image of the relays and the quick disconnects I made.



This is how they look assembled just before pluggin them in.



It was a bit tricky to install, had to wiggle them in with needle nose pliers but its in there now and working great.

Oh and believe it or not, when it rains, I have still grabbed my keys twice and ran outside without thinking.
Old habits are hard to break!

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#1 Dave on 08.18.08 at 2:07 pm

Nice window hack.

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