Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas

A little late getting this one out here but not long ago, we took a cruise to Belize, Isle of Roatan, and Cozumel Mexico.

We had a blast aboard the Carnival Triumph. This ship was HUGE! For starters this ship costs a whopping $420 Million to create and it showed. Let me tell ya this thing was 893 feet long, 143 feet tall, has 13 decks, huge show lounge for their awesome shows that can hold up to 1400 people, 6 dance/sing/nightclubs, 4 dining rooms, oh man the list goes on. They have 1100 crew members and it can whisk away 2758 passengers of on the vacation of a lifetime. You can seriously get lost on this massive vessel.

We embarked on our 7 day cruise from the port of New Orleans on a Saturday.  We slowly cruised down the Mississippi river all night until we reached the mouth where it empties into the ocean. From there we sailed for 2 days or 936 miles to our first stop, Belize.

For the two days we were at see, we spent time lounging on the lido deck soaking in the sun, ate food, explored the ship, ate food,  took in some shows, ate food, worked out in the gym, ate food, and so on.

First stop Belize.

While at Belize we did a Land rover and Cave Expedition. When we got to Belize we left the dock in a smaller boat that held about 20 people and we cruised at a moderate pace down the Sibun river. Videos and more after the jump.

We made our way down the river to a camp where the very very old Land rover vehicles awaited us. We then got our own vehicle and cruised down the back roads of Belize to some another spot where we would get out and cross a long rope bridge and into some old Mayan caves. In the damp caves we saw lots of bats and other interesting things.

So that was our first exploration day.

Next stop Isle of Roatan (Honduras)

In Roatan Honduras we bussed to a location called Fantasy Island. Google Earth it here.

Here we did a Shipwreck Snorkel Adventure. They took us by boat about 250 yards out to sea from a gazebo, where they dropped us off and we swam back snorkeling over a shipwreck that was about 60 feet or so below us. It was awesome and we loved it there on Fantasy Island. We may go back one day to stay for a while. I had some underwater pictures that did not turn out so well so I didn’t attache them to this post. Our guide took us on a  stroll around the island to look at the monkeys and other wild life. It was great.

Here is a picture of the entire place.

Here is distance best I could configure from the gazebo to the drop off point.

When we arrived on Fantasy Island

Our Tour Guide David, luring the monkeys down from the trees

Monkey on the beach. They are everywhere.

The wildlife on Roatan.

Next stop Cozumel.

At Cozumel Mexico we didn’t take many pictures at all. We did a Clear Kayak and Snorkel Adventure. Yes we love to Snorkel!

The Kayak was a clear as a water bottle, I like to think of it as the Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, it was like that. You could see clear to the bottom. We made a big loop around the beach and then later we snorkeled in about 30 feet of water.

Here is a summary our good times on the Carnival Triumph and all three destinations set to music

We had a great time and and the staff and everyone on board the Carnival Triumph were amazing.

I definitely would recommend a cruise to everyone. There is soo much to do on and off the ship, you will need a vacation after you get back from vacation.


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