Sold All My Carputer Stuff on Ebay

Hey everyone! I promised myself that I would post a article on my blog every day for 30 days to increase my search engine ranking.

Well today I am very busy an I can not provide any good content today, unless you want to see more pics of Jack the Dachshund haha. Don’t worry I do have plans for that later plus some videos maybe.

Anyways this is a short and sweet post, nothing fancy.

Last night I sold all of my carputer stuff on Ebay, and didn’t get very much for it, so I was sad about that.
See I want a Tom Tom GO 730 to replace my carputer. Its not as fancy and has some limitations compared to the carputer, but it will be easier to use and its portable. The money that I made on Ebay will surely help to obtain that.

On each of the seven items I had listed, they all said that I do not ship internationally and that I only ship to US residents. Yet there were still about ten people that contacted me asking if I would ship to places like Russia and Cuba, and others. I can’t believe it. Then one of my items sells, and its to a person in Poland! Now I have to re-list it. What a moron.

It looks like we are starting to get some rains here from Hurricane Ike. I’m blogging here from the couch watching Jack sleep. I must upload some photos soon of Jack and his sleeping poses. They are soo funny.

Anyways, battery is about to die on this laptop and I need to go do some work.

Talk to ya later.


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