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I failed my new years resolution

I had every intention of making an iPhone application and have it in the app store by now making me some money.  I made it my new years resolution! I wrote about it here Unfortunately for me, I never got around to it.

Sorry, but I got caught up in a new hobby after the kitchen remodel in April.

My new hobby is artisan concrete.

I taught myself how to make my own custom concrete counter tops during the kitchen remodel. It was fun and very rewarding. We could not find any style or color of granite that we liked. Granite is over done, played out. It has limits. We decided that we didn’t want it, and wanted some pre-cast custom concrete tops.

I must say that there is just something about taking a custom recipe mix of dust and making it a liquid and then a solid that will be appreciated for years to come.

Since then I have been learning about making sinks and other cool projects with concrete.

After the kitchen remodel I was consumed by concrete and with summer coming on full blast, I was not near a computer unless I was at work. I live in the backyard from sun up till sundown in the summer time and never made time to sit inside and code an application for the iPhone.

Sorry for that. Maybe I will give myself an extension of a year to try it again.



Custom Conrete Sink

Custom Concrete Sink


Custom Concrete Counter Tops

Custom Concrete Counter Tops

Nightstar Shakelight

I recently got into a discussion over the internet with some friends about charging the iphone with shake technology.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a reserve battery in your cellphone for emergencies and all you had to do was shake your iphone for 30 secs or so to get it charged enough to use it? Think about it. Your cell phone could be charging its reserve while you run, walk, or while its in your pocket while you are walking!

Some have never heard of such, and here I was thinking that everyone knew about this kind of technology to charge things.

I cant remember when I heard about it first, but many many years ago my Aunt got me a shake light for my Birthday and I was wow’d at the simple technology behind it. It has this really neat wireless switch that works of magnetics. It charges itself with a magnet passing through another magnet with wires wrapped around it. This charges a capacitor and stores the power. It can be charge hundreds of thousands of times.

Here is a video from the company demonstrating all there is to know about the light.

Its a fantastic flashlight and I recommend it to anyone. Its a great light to keep in your trunk as you will never have to worry about batteries corroding. Take it hunting or fishing, camping, anywhere!

REMEMBER: if Apple decides to use this in one of their future phones. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST !!!


Ipad 2 beta device released to a select few

The ipad 2 was unveiled this week for a select few and I was lucky enough to take one home. Meeting CEO of Apple Steve Jobs was amazing and I thank him tremendously for allowing me to demo this beta unit of the iPad 2 with new higher screen resolutions.

What is the best iphone case?

Everyone is always asking me “what is the best case for my Iphone?” and I always respond with “Incipio Technologies SILICRYLIC Case!”

It has to be the best case I have ever used. It protects the corners, slides in and out of any pocket just fine, and looks great.

Check it out here

Along with this case I use the Anti-Glare films.

My Baby is One Year Old

Wow a year goes by really fast sometimes. Today marks the anniversary of my personal iPhone.

Yep a year ago today I was anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time.

I was super excited to get one after all the wonderful things I had seen and read about it doing.

I was extremely anxious to get one and get to fiddling with it.

I was nervous at spending the high cost of $400 for it as well.

See I generally get a new phone every year or 18 months because the phone is either in terrible shape, or is just completely pathetic around that time.

It’s been a year and I have not been dissatisfied. This phone is still amazing and still runs like brand new, maybe even better.

I do so much with it as many of you know from my previous articles. I am writing this article post from it this very minute and will submit it here in a few all done from the magical iPhone.

If you have the means I highly recommend you pick one up. It’s truly an amazing device and you really will not realize this until you have one in your possession.

I can’t say enough great things about this phone. Once you crossover and get one you will agree that there is no other phone.

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