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Have you ever witnessed perfection?

Today I am an uncle once again. It’s a wonderful thing.

On my lunch break today I go to the hospital to meet my new nephew for the first time. I didn’t exactly know where to go so I was at the nursery looking at this infant in the window while I waited on my brother in law to come and get me and take me to their room. I am looking at this baby through the window thinking it could me my nephew, but I could not see a label so I wasn’t sure.

When my brother in law arrived from around the corner he says “isn’t he perfect?” and I replied “yes he is”. That was him and yes he was perfect, perfect in every way. Only a few hours old and clearly defined facial features, not your chubby little infant face I am used to seeing on babies.

This got me to thinking. Have any of you stopped to really think about perfection?

No one of use are perfect. We all fall short of Jesus. He was perfect throughout his life. It’s extremely hard to be perfect, and a tall order to even be close to being perfect.

Can you live a single day where you do not have an impure thought, to not say or even think of a bad word, not be a glutton at a buffet lunch line?

This infant truly was perfect, perfect in every way. Close to God. Pure.

Next time you get to see a newborn, think about what you are witnessing. A perfect human being.

Its been a while

It’s been many months since I last wrote on my blog – I apologize for that. Its been a very busy few months, but perhaps I can settle into a routine and write a little more often soon. I have been really busy doing projects. You know I love me some projects. Projects!!!

I love summer and getting outside and doing things. In fact this year I even quit the gym as it was cutting into my outdoor time. I would be in the gym daydreaming about what all I could be doing. I used to put the gym very high on my priority list, but not anymore. I guess getting older just changes your perspective on things.

This summer me and wifey embarked on a complete kitchen remodel and I had the chance to do several things I have been wanting to do for a long time. One was under cabinet lighting, the second was concrete counter tops. I know what you are thinking ….. “concrete?” yes concrete and it really is nice and its not like what you are thinking. You are probably thinking quickrete and rough sidewalk look, but no its not like that at all. You will see in upcoming posts on this website.

Another thing I finally got around to doing was my wine bottle tiki torches around the yard. I even made one for outdoor tables out of empty Patron bottles.

Did a little more landscaping in the yard.

Next thing I did was make a mason jar chandelier for our carport. Its really snazzy.

This is only the middle of the summer and I still have several projects left to complete.
1. Build a sitting bench around a large tree in my front yard.
2. Remake a walking path in the backyard with large fake stepping stones.
3. Pour a slab in an area where our backyard hydrant is.
4. Built a cabinet and concrete sink on this slab.
5. Build a guitar shaped concrete sink.
6. Build a concrete water feature for the backyard.
7. Build a concrete coffee table with ice and fire capabilities. (this will be fun)

That should be enough.

I promise I will start blogging on here more even if its just random mess!

Stay tuned…

Its Spring Time!

Its spring time once again and into the backyard I go.

I love working in the backyard making and doing things to improve its look and feel.

I recently just complete a project that has been on my mind for well over a year now.

Its a privacy pergola.

See pics!

Mac and iOS Application Development

Yes it’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog. I’ve busy with Christmas, work, hunting, and many many other things that go on around this time of year.

On hunting: this season so far I’ve managed to only put 3 doe in the freezer, but the season isn’t over yet.

On Christmas: had a great time with family, got some great gifts.

On Work: Been busy as usual.

On The Gym: I get 3 weeks off of work for Christmas every year and I had plans to do really really good and go to the gym and work it HARD each week. Well week 1 I went every day as planned. Then I got sick for a week, got better right before Christmas day, and it’s been 3 weeks now since I’ve worked out. I’ll get back in there soon.

As for new developments I plan on devoting a lot more time into the development of applications for iOS and possibly Mac computers.

I hope to have at least one good money making app in the AppStore before 2012. That means I have given myself all of 2011 to complete this goal. Wish me luck with that.

With this new goal set, I have retired from repairing computers on the side. It was just cutting into my time too much and for now I’m having to let it go.

Well here’s to a great year!

Check back often as I will be posting more often from my cell as I am doing right now. Lots of random stuff and updates on my app development.

Oh by the way if you think you have a great idea for an app, leave a comment below or use the contact form. Maybe we can work something out.

Homemade Dog House Heater

Today  I spoiled my outside dogs a little bit more. I say outside dogs because I have Jack the Dachshund who is my inside dog and then there is Louie and DL who stay outside. They have a really nice duplex style doghouse that I built for them years ago. I even put electric heating pads in the floors of each room. Yes, Louie and DL each have their own room. The electric heating pads help to keep them warm in the winter, but I wanted better for them.

Sometimes around here it gets really cold, sometimes in the teens, and I want to be sure they are warm. I know they are animals and can deal with it, but while I am in my warm bed, I like to know they are well taken care of too, so I consulted with some friends and looked online and found a nice solution that is rather easy to make.

It seems that in August/September of 1990 in a magazine called Gun Dog, there was an article about how to create a simple dog house heater for hunting dogs. It involved using a metal gallon paint can, a porcelain light bulb fixture, a 60 watt bulb and some wire, to make a convective heating device.

Here is what to do:
Go to a paint store and buy an unused 1 gallon paint can with the lid. Punch 1/4″ dia holes on the lid and sides of the can. Keep the holes small enough to prevent much light from getting through yet still allow convective heat to escape. Punch a hole in the bottom about 2″ in diameter. Enough room for your wire to be manageable.

Mount the can keeping 4″ of clearance on all sides to allow heat to circulate. You will need to run the wiring to the correct location first of course. Connect a porcelain light bulb socket inside the can, wire it up and put a bulb in the base, put the lid on.

Accessories that can be included (after all it is built by guys) are a dimmer switch to control heat and an indoor-outdoor thermometer to keep tabs on the temperature.

I quickly snapped a video using my cell phone this evening to show you what it looks like inside the dog house, so you can get an idea. The can is very hot, I cant even touch it. It has the dog house nice and toasty. I am looking forward to see how it does in the colder days ahead.