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Spy Tec G1W-C Full HD 1080P Dashcam

Decided to do a review on a dash-cam. If you follow my blog, you will know that many many years (2005) ago I wanted a dash-cam for my car to record all the weird things I saw on the road. Here is the article about that, HERE

I never truly got the dash-cam installed, but I did manage to install a carputer well before they were mainstream in the cars you see today. Soon after the iPhone came out on the market, the carputer started to not make much since, as it did almost all the things the carputer did. Now in 2015, cellphones of today like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy s5 do all and more that the carputer ever did.

My desire for a dash-cam diminished over time, but as of late there seems to be an explosion of videos on YouTube of interesting dash-cam videos. There are a lot from Russia so I guess they are pretty popular over there. Then there are videos of accidents where they seem very useful, and also there are some of police officers at traffic stops hassling motorists.

One of the biggest reasons of all is there is a scam now where people back into you at a stop light, or let themselves coast back into you at a stop light and then claim that you rear ended them. With the dash-cam you never have to defend yourself.
It is starting to look to me like the dash-cam thing is a desire once again.

Check out some of these videos from YouTube.

Deadly Crash


Sky Meteor in Russia


Compilation of shocking events


Insurance Scam prevented by Dash-Cam

Better to have and not need, than need and not have. ~ Franz Kafka

So I started shopping for one and found one that I really liked. It had GPS, recorded in the cab of the vehicle as well as the outside, had speed recordings and audio recordings, built in WiFi, a lot of stuff, but it was nearly $300. 🙁 I didn’t want to spend that much on this.

I put the idea on a shelf for a a year or so,  then while I was looking for a device to allow Bluetooth to a stereo that didn’t come with Bluetooth, I will talk about that in another article, I discovered a website that did a review on several dash-cams, and the article explained why you don’t always need all the bells and whistles that you may never use.

They tested several models with price tags as high as $600 and they came up with what they called the BEST DASH-CAM based on what was most important.

Auto Stop and Start
The best dash cam for the money is the G1W Full HD 1080P from Spy Tech and the best part is it can be had for $70.


Be aware there are many fakes on the market out there. There is a big unregulated market for fakes. They usually sell for cheaper and do not last as long.

Also worth noting I got the model that doesn’t require a battery in it. It has a capacitor inside and these models are supposed to be better had handling summer time heat. I am all for not having to mess around with a battery or have a battery explode in my car due to high temps.

Here are some image stills from the G1W-C Dash-Cam

PrtScr capture_9 PrtScr capture_10 PrtScr capture_11 PrtScr capture_12


So far I cant say enough good things about this dash-cam.
I highly recommend you pick one up.

Nightstar Shakelight

I recently got into a discussion over the internet with some friends about charging the iphone with shake technology.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a reserve battery in your cellphone for emergencies and all you had to do was shake your iphone for 30 secs or so to get it charged enough to use it? Think about it. Your cell phone could be charging its reserve while you run, walk, or while its in your pocket while you are walking!

Some have never heard of such, and here I was thinking that everyone knew about this kind of technology to charge things.

I cant remember when I heard about it first, but many many years ago my Aunt got me a shake light for my Birthday and I was wow’d at the simple technology behind it. It has this really neat wireless switch that works of magnetics. It charges itself with a magnet passing through another magnet with wires wrapped around it. This charges a capacitor and stores the power. It can be charge hundreds of thousands of times.

Here is a video from the company demonstrating all there is to know about the light.

Its a fantastic flashlight and I recommend it to anyone. Its a great light to keep in your trunk as you will never have to worry about batteries corroding. Take it hunting or fishing, camping, anywhere!

REMEMBER: if Apple decides to use this in one of their future phones. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST !!!


Ipad 2 beta device released to a select few

The ipad 2 was unveiled this week for a select few and I was lucky enough to take one home. Meeting CEO of Apple Steve Jobs was amazing and I thank him tremendously for allowing me to demo this beta unit of the iPad 2 with new higher screen resolutions.

Mini DVR Spy Sunglasses

Not too long ago I purchased some mini spy dvr sunglasses off of E-Bay to use when I was hiking or bike riding or something. They were so cheap and really couldn’t pass them up.

I think I spent $22 dollars total on them and waited about 3 weeks for them to arrive from Hong Kong, then I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a $20 micro sd card, I think the size was around 8 gigabytes.

From the parking lot after I inserted the memory card to record the video too, I set up to the gym. Here is the video of this trip

I think the video quality is exceptionally good.

Here is a walk around the back yard.

I think these glasses are great and could be used for all sorts of things like sports, hunting, fishing, cycling, etc.

Get you a pair cheap here on E-Bay.


  • User friendly operation button for easy control.
  • Quality Polaroid Lens from brand makers.
  • With extended memory slot for TF/Micro SD card.
  • Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed.
  • Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users.
  • Real time recording , never let memorable moments sneak away from life .
  • A must equipment and highly recommended device for journalist, traffic police, travelers and etc
  • Batter: 5V DC / 450 mAh
  • CVideo format: AVI
  • Speed: Read > 700kbs, write > 500kbs
  • Resolution: 640*480
  • Support TF / Micro SD Card 1GB-8GB
  • Photo: 1024*960
  • Built in 400mAh Li-polymer Battery
  • Power duration 4-5 hours
  • Physical weight : 39g
  • Operating system: Win98, WinMe, WinXP, Win2000, Windows Vista

Whats included:

  • 1 x Spy Sun Glasses
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Wall Charger

It Does Everything!

I just recently saw an ad on television about the new ps3 going on sale for a low price and they touted how “IT DOES EVERYTHING”.

Made me think about the Iphone.

I have been meaning to inform the masses through my blog about all the wonderful things that it can do.

Let me start by saying that I wanted one before they were available, yet I still held out until the first gen bugs were out of the way and gps was available. See I am a big fan of GPS and when they put it in their second gen Iphone, well I just had to have one.

I have not regretted it one bit. Best phone I have ever had!

I used to dream of an all in one compact phone and the Iphone is about 95% the phone I always wanted.

Let me tell you all the things that I wanted a cellphone to be/do and then I will come back to the IT DOES EVERTHING part. Continue reading →