Church Pew to Benches Project

For a long time now I have wanted a bench in my carport near the entrance to my utility room. I was shopping at the Stein Mart store in Jackson, MS when I first saw one just like what I had in mind. It was near the exit and it was a tiny church pew. This was perfect for what I wanted only it wasn’t for sale.

I knew then all I needed to do was find an old church pew and I could cut it to the length I wanted and it would be perfect for my needs.

I drove all over the country looking for old churches that were rotting and falling down, in hopes I would find one with pews inside. I never found a church.

I asked all my friends on facebook and twitter and got some responses but nothing really panned out. I also saw some on craiglist but were too expensive and too far for it be justifiable.

I had almost giving up, then a co-worker that works with my wife knew of one at a friends house, and we struck up a deal. I got it for $40.

It was a nice older bench, about 8 feet in length. I looked it over and thought…hrmmm I could cut this in half and have two benches.

So with that in mind I went to the hardware store and got two 10 foot 2×10’s. Next I measured the length of the bench, found the center,  popped a string line in the middle and cut it in half.

After it was cut in half, I used the 2×10’s to copy each end exactly. Now I had two benches. A little dark stain applied and wallah, two nice benches.

See pics.