Close Call

This is an old story actually, but I decided to write it and share it with all of you that visit my blog.

Remember my blog is a public journal of my life activities and other interesting things, so you never really know just what I will blog about.

Ok moving on… I was out of town some time ago doing some computer work for a client.

While I was at this persons home, upstairs with the client, he recieved a  phone call from his son.
I could tell from the sound of his voice that he was getting some bad news of some sort.
We locked eyes with each other waiting on the call to end he would surely tell me what was happening.
Before the phone call ended I heard the guy ask his son “did it hit the car?”

I’m not thinking oh my god what just happend, is my car ok?

What happed was as the son came home in his jeep, he must have forgotten to engage the parking brake or something and it rolled backwards down their steep driveway hitting their brick mailbox structure, and the mailbox structure came very close to smashing the tail end of my car.

This would have made for a terrible day for me has this happend. Thankfully the most damage to anything was the mail box.


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