Deer Hunting

Yep deer season is fully underway and I am taking full part in it this year.

See in years past I would hunt only every so often when I wasn’t totally involved in some sort of tech project, the gym, spending time with family and friends, or simply being lazy and tired from working all the time. There is also the freezing temps, and lack of land I can legally hunt on.

Now I manage my time better with computer related things, friends and family, gym time, and with so much time off from work, it makes all of the above much easier.

Also a good friend provided me with a great place to hunt as well as a very cool enclosure to hunt in. It’s heated too! That’s great for these old bones.

It so nice to get out in the seclusion of nature to clear your head and really think about things as you study the terrain looking for that big buck to pop out. Then when you finally see him you get that rush as if you just saw an alien or something. You gotta love it.

For all of you that hunt, best of luck to you. Wish me luck on bagging a nice deer, I could use the meat in my freezer!

I wonder how many of my readers are PETA members and will stop reading my blog?

If you have some intersting or funny hunting stories please tell us in the comment section below.


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