Are Sugar Free Foods Derailing Your Diet?

If its sugar-free its got to help you lose weight right?

Maybe not.

A new report from the Purdue University Ingestive Behavior Research Center suggests that even though artificial sweeteners dont add calories, they may cayse you to pack on pounds by interfering with your ability to regulate appetite.

In the study, rats that were fed saccharin-sweetened yogurt downed 9 percent more calories and gained 27 percent more weight than those who were fed sugar-sweetened yogurt. But that doesn’t mean you should start loading up on the real thing.

Calories from sugar-sweetened foods can add up fast: A can of regular soda has a whopping 9 teaspoons of added sugar, and a 6-ounce container of fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt has more than 6.

A smarter move is to opt for unsweetened drinks (like iced tea) and add just one or two teaspoons of sugar yourself; sweetened foods (like plain yogurt) with fruit.

This article is a reprint from Womans Day Magazine written by Karen Ansel, RD


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