DL the Dog (down low)

I can’t have this blog and not talk about DEE EL (dl short for downlow)!!!

He is one of our outside pets that just showed up one day like a stray.

One day Justin my stepson and I were out in the shop working out and we saw this cute small mostly black dog with white feet looking at us and Louie, our other dog, from across the field.

He seemed very interested in us and Louie so we called for him and he came to us. He was very shy at first and cautious.

I managed to get him to come to be and gave him a dog biscuit which he loved a great deal.
As Justin and I clanked some weights around he didn’t like that at all and ran. I coaxed him back to us and gave him more dog treats. He obviously didnt like loud noises, so we relaxed on that for a bit and just rubbed on him and made him feel comfortable.

We expected just to pet on him for a bit and never see him again as we have seen dogs come and go around here.

He ended up staying though and he has been here for over a year and a half now.
He has been gone for a day or two but thats it, he has been here for the most part and now calls it home.

I feel like he came from a broken environment somehow. He is scared of loud noises and really scared of pellet guns and the like. We have some and I moved one from the garage to the storage shed once and he took off and I coudn’t figure out why. Later I noticed that he had a BB lodge under the skin on his right shoulder and its embedded there. Appearantly he had been shot at before, and thats why he is scared.

Funny thing though. I took some pics of him to work once and a co-worker recognized him and immediatly called him Baptist Bob. I was like what? Why do they call him that? She explained that he used to hang around the church that she goes to which is right now the road from me. All the kids and everyone there called him Baptist Bob or BB for short and said he was always on time for church, always.

I guess my bad habits of not going to church regularly have rubbed off on him.

I also Know now that he must not really belong to anyone, except me now. I have taken him to the vet and gotten him all checked out and everything.

He must have had a previous owner or two as he is well rounded dog.
He loads up in the car or truck and loves to ride. He loves to have his head out the window or simply sit on the backseat of my car and chilax in the air condition.

He once road all day long with me to find Jack (when I got him) and he never once complained to get out or barked at others passing by or anything. He is a very good dog to have near.

I took him with me camping once with my Dad, he has one of those nice gooseneck type campers with the side outs, and DL spent the night inside and never once barked at noises, never uriniated or defecated inside. He slept with me right through the night solid, in fact, I had to wake him up!

There was also this one instance where we were on a trip to VEGAS and Justin could not go. Justin came home to get something once and DL snuck in the house, probably looking for me. He had been in the house before but he is not an all the time inside dog. Anyways, Justin left the house and left DL inside for like a day and a half.

When we got home, nothing was out of place. He never once used the bathroom inside nor tore anything up. He is amazing like that!

He is definatly one of a kind. Very smart. Very Loyal to me. He is like my buddy.

I almost have him trained to not get into the car unless I open the back door and tell him to get in.



#1 Lisa C. Wiggins on 08.27.08 at 1:40 pm

This is a beautiful dog, but then I fell in love with him when I first put my eyes on him, and I would have taken him home with us if I could have gotten away with it.

#2 October Camping Trip | Seize The Page on 10.22.08 at 8:15 am

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