Local Restaurant Catches Fire

Recently Grenada’s own Jake and Rips restuarant suffered from a kitchen fire on Tuesday night 8/26/08.

The damage was not extensive and was extinguished in 23 minutes by the Grenada Fire Dept.
The cause of the fire is not yet known, but reconstruction was underway as soon as the fire trucks rolled out of the parking lot so the business could get back to working order as soon as possible. At the time of this writing, the business is back in operation.

I was recently looking at our local newspaper online at and after I got past the initial disgust at the web design which hasn’t really changed since its inception, I clicked on the news link to find a story about this event written by staff writer Allan Baswell.


Allan did a fine job deliverying the news. What was not so great were the visitor comments.

These comments however –

Submitted By: DAM Submitted: 8/27/2008
So why did the fire department clean up this business? Shouldn’t Liles reimburse the city for the time and expense the firemen “extricated all the water and tried to get the business back to where it was before the fire. We had to use the lights from the ladder truck and generators to clean up the scene.”????? Most business owners have to pay for insurance that covers this expense. Why should the city clean up this business owner’s fire? Is this done for all businesses that have fire damage? More needless expenditures!! Seems kinda fishy!!! 


Submitted By: lol Submitted: 8/27/2008
Ben buddy is on the city council, what do you expect.





Submitted By: guess that settles it Submitted: 8/28/2008
Well, there goes the whole “he did it for the insurance money” theory. I bet those waitresses moved their butts when that happened, since some of them can’t seem to do so when you order your food!





Submitted By: Submitted: 8/28/2008
You are right “DAM”… I feel the same as you do. The only thing a fire department is suppose to do is put out the fire. The clean up is suppose to be at the business owners expense. Yes, this does seem kind of fishy!!! Sounds like there are some crooked officials running this city. From now on when I read a story like this, I’m going to post a video story on Youtube for the rest of the nation to see and hopefully an FBI agent will come across it, watch it and launch a formal investigation. 


Really got under my skin.

This comment – As one concerned citizen said “Anything that takes tax $$$$ out of Grenada is a tragedy” and this is so true.

Yet some people are just really clueless. What are they thinking around here? Do they think Ben would try and sabatoge a business thats doing well for some chump change dished out by an insurance company?

Do they think that just because Ben knows someone on the city council that he somehow got any sort of special treatment like a special clean up service? Come on get real! It’s not like before the fire Bens “buddy” knew to call the fire dept and tell them to give him special treatment or anything.

What some people think is just absolutely ridiculous to me sometimes.


#1 Jackie Nobles on 08.28.08 at 4:14 pm

“Thanks Lt. Danny Rodgers G.F.D for clearing it all up for the morons that have absoloutly no idea how things work. Its like everyone hates Ben and his businesses or something. What a shame. To Jackie Nobles/ and DAM dream on about youtube and the FBI. You just simply make me LOL Yes insurance did not cover this situation So what? If he had to wait on petty insurance dollars to fix the place it would be a month before it opens back up. As soon as the fire trucks left the location, reconstruction began immediately so they could reopen ASAP. All at the expense of Bens pocket book. Why on earth would someone think this was deliberate for insurance money? Friggin morons I tell ya.”

Friggin morons – Be careful there Mitch Costilow/ – You are bordering on deprivation of character of which could result in a lawsuit if I so chose to seek an attorney in assistance.

#2 Melanie on 08.28.08 at 5:20 pm

Do you think the FBI investigates firemen putting out kitchen fires? I’m thinking no…They are probably a little above that. That’s about the same as me calling the CIA to get my cat out of a tree! haha

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