Gordon gets a new pet

I went to see my good friend Gordon the other day and noticed that he had a dog in his carport. I thought hrmm he didn’t tell me he had a new pup?

The closer I got to it the worse it looked. Don’t get me wrong though, I love animals and this one had potential, its just that it had been hit by a car and was very skinned up.

I asked Gordon about it and he said it just showed up a day or so ago and appeared to have survived a drive over.


The female feist looking dog appeared to be ok and happy, but it had a nasty scrape down its backside and a limp along with many other scrape marks and scabs.

Gordon felt it best to go ahead and take it to the vet to see if everything was alright. After all the dog appeard to have found a new home and would likely be a good companion.

The vet said she would be ok. All she needed was a good chemical bath to help the healing process and some antibiotics.

The pictures that follow are of Gordon at the vet with his new female pal Karma.

I think thats the name he gave her.

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#1 Dave on 08.19.08 at 9:10 am

Pretty dog, despite the injuries (which I imagine will heal over time).

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