Have you ever witnessed perfection?

Today I am an uncle once again. It’s a wonderful thing.

On my lunch break today I go to the hospital to meet my new nephew for the first time. I didn’t exactly know where to go so I was at the nursery looking at this infant in the window while I waited on my brother in law to come and get me and take me to their room. I am looking at this baby through the window thinking it could me my nephew, but I could not see a label so I wasn’t sure.

When my brother in law arrived from around the corner he says “isn’t he perfect?” and I replied “yes he is”. That was him and yes he was perfect, perfect in every way. Only a few hours old and clearly defined facial features, not your chubby little infant face I am used to seeing on babies.

This got me to thinking. Have any of you stopped to really think about perfection?

No one of use are perfect. We all fall short of Jesus. He was perfect throughout his life. It’s extremely hard to be perfect, and a tall order to even be close to being perfect.

Can you live a single day where you do not have an impure thought, to not say or even think of a bad word, not be a glutton at a buffet lunch line?

This infant truly was perfect, perfect in every way. Close to God. Pure.

Next time you get to see a newborn, think about what you are witnessing. A perfect human being.


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