How diet drinks make you gain weight

Today in #bodybuilding on IRC on #efnet , a good friend found a very valid video about how diet sodas actually make you can weight.

If you don’t know what IRC is, it’s Internet relay chat, and in that channel (#bodybuilding) we discuss all things diet and exercise.

The video that was posted was about 9 minutes long and very informative.

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for years. Now it’s put into an easy to understand simple video.

The video covers the acidity and alkalinity of several foods and drinks and how your body struggles to maintain an internal balance.

Some things not covered in the video are facts about the artificial sweeteners used in the diet sodas that also do harm to your system.

Did you know that aspartame turns to formaldehyde in your body? Why put your liver through such hell?

I’ve covered that before on this site, feel free to look for it, or email me for a link.

Check put the video link below.


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