How do you feel about this $700 Billion dollar bailout?

What do you think about this $700 Billion dollar bailout? I think it is nothing more than yet another band-aid solution only this time its more like several gauze pads and some duct-tape.
What we need here is a complete amputation! Let Wall Street suffer, and the Banks and Lenders suffer as well. Let it crash and die as one person said in the video below, and when the dust settles things will get back right. They have to, and must learn their lesson.

Check out this video on what taxpayers think about this bailout.


You know, a ladder only goes so high, then you have to come down and start over. Wall Street and the Goverment have gotten too big for their britches. There needs to be more constraint, more responsibility, more accountability. I mean why is it that these fatcats are able to make soo much and then call for a bailout when they overlended in the first place or rather lended to people that cant pay the money back anyways?

Last year several people in Golden Sachs earned 68 million a year!
There was a new compensation for Lloyd Blankfein, the firm’s chief executive, which came to $68.5 million. That included a $27 million cash bonus.
Gary Cohn and Jon Winkelried, Goldman’s co-presidents, each got $67.5 million, including $26.6 million in cash. Not as much as Mr. Blankfein, but more than the chief executives at rival Wall Street firms.

Now you might be wondering what does this feared total collapse of the U.S. economy and “the end of Wall Street” actually mean for us all on a day-to-day basis? In a word, nothing. In five more: happy safe terrorist-free nothing. After all, “the fundamentals of our economy are sound.” And besides, we’re all just “a nation of whiners.” There now. Better?

By the way, as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke suggested, it’s probably best not to threaten all those Wall Street CEOs and upper-tier execs with yanking their multimillion-dollar golden parachutes, because they might balk and choose not to participate in the riskiest bailout in U.S. history. Don’t forget the golden rule, abused citizen: The gods always win. HAHAHHA F–k You Wall Street!

Those greedy Wall Street assholes, many of whom knowingly manipulated a flawed system and floated trillions in worthless paper so as to better make their boat payments. Who cares if that paper had little pictures of your kids’ futures on them? Personal note from Wall Street bankers: F–k you for caring.

Check out what this lady has to say about it:


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