Who has time to be bored?

Wow what to write about this morning? I have soo much in my head right now, and I am having a hard time getting it onto this blank page. I am supposed to be seizing the page right, and I am finding it difficult.

Let me try to just recap what has happened over the past several weeks while I sip on this coffee.

I think the last time I wrote on this blog it was about camping and then I followed up on Jack.
Well since then, I went camping again and this time it was very cool outside. I think it dipped to about 41F the next time I went camping and I realized I need a -0- degree sleeping bag.

I was very chilly that night and so was DL, he went with me. I also realized that my sleeping bag was way too tight. See normally I take two and open them up like comforters but this time I used it for was it was and its way to tight.

Since I brought up Jack, remember he was in the October cutest pet contest on

Well oddly he did not win. I don’t see how either. He had the most votes, then with a week to go, the site owners said that it was not really about the votes and that they felt the voting system had been compromised. They wanted people to leave a comment on who should win. Well he had the most comments too. They went on to say that ultimately the audience out there in the realworld would not be the end all be all in deciding the winner.  It would be up to about 4 other judges and the audience would be the 5th.

He is getting big though. He has really grown! He is about 11lbs now and probably at his full potential.

I’m really not a sore loser at all, but I feel that Jack was overlooked. Its so crazy. He is so adorable. Anywhere he goes he is a star, people love him and think he is soo cute.

OK moving on. I finally got my Tom Tom Go 730 GPS system set up in my car and I will have to write about that soon. Its very awesome to say the least. Check back soon for a post about that.

Also as many of you know I do web site design ( I don’t claim to be a pro at it) and computer maintenance on the side ever since I was laid off. Its been doing pretty well for me, and I keep picking up new clients. As of today I have 5 clients I am working on, 4 personal sites that I am doing for other incomes and things.

Guess what else? I just recently went back to the working world as an IT specialist too!

I always seem to have a lot on my plate. I even have some stage sets to build for the Grenada High School Visions Showchoir to complete before the Christmas show.

So to recap, I have a new job to adjust to, lots of websites to construct for clients, lots of items to complete the stage for the showchoirs Christmas show, and all the other things that are on a normal day to day basis around me which is a lot.

Dont you just hate to hear someone say they are bored when there is actually soo much to do?

I don’t think I have enough going on… do I ?


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