I failed my new years resolution

I had every intention of making an iPhone application and have it in the app store by now making me some money.  I made it my new years resolution! I wrote about it here Unfortunately for me, I never got around to it.

Sorry, but I got caught up in a new hobby after the kitchen remodel in April.

My new hobby is artisan concrete.

I taught myself how to make my own custom concrete counter tops during the kitchen remodel. It was fun and very rewarding. We could not find any style or color of granite that we liked. Granite is over done, played out. It has limits. We decided that we didn’t want it, and wanted some pre-cast custom concrete tops.

I must say that there is just something about taking a custom recipe mix of dust and making it a liquid and then a solid that will be appreciated for years to come.

Since then I have been learning about making sinks and other cool projects with concrete.

After the kitchen remodel I was consumed by concrete and with summer coming on full blast, I was not near a computer unless I was at work. I live in the backyard from sun up till sundown in the summer time and never made time to sit inside and code an application for the iPhone.

Sorry for that. Maybe I will give myself an extension of a year to try it again.



Custom Conrete Sink

Custom Concrete Sink


Custom Concrete Counter Tops

Custom Concrete Counter Tops


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