Infamous Jack the Dachshund

Been asked for more pics of Jack and asked whats he been up to lately.

Well he is growing like a weed but still small which is great. He is up to 6.2 lbs now, up 4lbs since we got him.

I have not taken too many more pics of him, but I will get on that soon. I still have video I need to publish when he was a lot smaller and I also need to get on that soon.

He has been a little awnry about going to potty in the house. I think it has a lot to do with the rains from Hurricane Fay that we are getting. He doesn’t like rain and wet yards so we are having a tough time with that.

I have heard that Dachshunds are notoriously hard to house break, but he is really not that bad. He just has spells and we will work through them eventually.

He is currently getting longer, and is deveolping a change in hair color. He is still brown and some black, but now with some gray sprinkles on his head and lower sides. I will get pics of that later.

This pic is of him helping me blog.
Sorry for the blurry cellphone picture.



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