Insignia 8GB Pilot

Insignia Pilot

I recently purchased an Insignia 8GB pilot. It is a Video MP3 Player with Bluetooth, and I absoloutly love the thing.

Pros: affordable, clear screen, small, lightweight, sounds great, great video quality, plays avi, drag and drop
It has bluetooth built in.

Unlike apple with their add ons , this has it built right in so you can use those motorokr headphones or any bluetooth headphones for that matter.


It has expandable storage.
I just ordered a 8gig sdhc card for it for only $40, so that makes my total investment come to $211 and I have the same storage as an itouch.

Great sound quality.
I have had ipods and others and this is on par. It even has a built in customizable equalizer so I can custom set the sound to my liking.
Great sound, for all you out there that want to write a review and complain about the sound…, good sound comes from good hear phones.
The ones that come with it are ok, but not the greatest.

The video quality rocks.
I have several episodes of my favorite shows and its soo quick to play them.
Simply encode them and drag and drop them and its good to go

It can record radio streams
I love being able to record radio with the touch of a button.
The menu is though out great and being able to customize it is great too.
I made my m3u playlists using winamp and it works perfectly.

It has TV-OUT
The tv-out is awesome and easier to navigate to than on the video ipod.

Scratch Proof Screen
It has a what I call a “scratch proof screen”. I know this because I went into BestBuy and tried to scratch the demo one with a key and it laughed at me.

Can the itouch even do video out? I know the video ipod could but have not heard about it on the itouch, I know the iphone cant. Anyways its nice to know this device can. They thought of it all. and packaged it nice and kept it affordable which is key.

Bundled Software
The software that comes with it in the form of a cd is terrible , you dont need it other than the video software.
I only use the arcsoft to encode the videos that I want on it. This is necessary to reencode videos to the proper frame rate for the player which is 30FPS I beleive

Cant bluetooth transfer a picture or mp3 to a friends cellphone.
If it had wifi, and a way to browse, and stream internet stations, that would be champ.
I wish I could connect to cellphones with the bluetooth to transfer files.

Cant add my own backgrounds to the main screen.

It froze one time trying to look at a image that was rather large.
I just held the power button for tens seconds and it shut off then I repowered it.
No need in struggling with getting the battery out as most have done.
This is noted in the manual which comes in pdf form on the cd.

By the way, a reset didnt reset all my stuff back to zero and remove all my music, so don’t worry.
It simply turned it off when it was hung.

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