Jack the Dachshund

Well today is my 2 year wedding anniversary and I decided to surprise my wife with a miniature dachshund puppy.

She had one for many years before, her name was Ginger and lived with my wife for nine years until her untimely death. She was a victim of the highway.
That was about a year and a half ago and we still miss her.

We had toyed with the idea of getting a new pup, but we already had two others that were outside dogs and just bought a new living room suit and I just couldn’t bare the thought of chewed up coffee table corners or torn couch cushions, but the whole time I was in Vegas with my wife I was thinking about getting her this puppy. I mean I love her to death and she is worth all the torn couch cushions anyone can possibly make.

I thought about this for weeks. Then one Saturday we were all traveling to have dinner with my Aunt and we saw a sign that had miniature dachshunds for sale. I was hoping she wouldn’t see it as I knew she would say something about it and I didn’t want to just go ahead and get one that day. I already had it in my mind that I would get one for our anniversary.


The very next day we were leaving for the Mississippi Gulf Coast and and I wouldnt be able to get a pup till Thursday. My Anniversary was on a Friday so I had one day to scramble and get this puppy.

When Thursday came I got up and hit the ground running. Dee El loaded up and he spent the entire day with me riding all over crossing three maybe four counties visiting different breeders to find the right color pup.

I wanted to find one before my wife got home and luckily I got him just before she did.

I will spare you the details of actually getting him, that part was rather simple, saw him, loved him, bought him, we drove home in the pouring rain, Dee El was still with me being the best pet co-pilot anyone could ask for (if only he could talk) and when we got home Jack was beat.

I put him in a little Tupperware square tub with a towel in the bottom and had him sleeping on the other side of the coffee table where you couldn’t see him when you entered the room.

I was starving and hadn’t eaten all day, so I quickly made me a small meal and sat down and popped on the tv and began to relax.

Wifey arrives home and she comes in and first thing she says is “what are you doing eating!” I didn’t understand at first, all I knew was I was starving and had not eaten all day and it was a good time to be eating, it was 5:00pm, but what I had forgotten was that I was supposed to go to a birthday dinner party and she was thinking why am I eating when I am about to go eat.

As she was getting on to me about eating, she was rounding the corner of the coffee table to come sit on the couch with me and she sees this puppy in a plastic tub sitting on a pink towel and she has this look on her face like, “is that a puppy?” “is it real?” “is this for me?” “what the hell?” all of this came as an expression over her face in mere seconds. Wish I had video, but needless to say she fell in love and I was quickly kicked to the back burner, no just kidding but she loved Jack, and who wouldnt he is so freaking addorable.

I love him like I never thought I would, and I was dead set against having a dog in the house.
Introducing Jack the Dachshund
Pepper Jack Costilow

You will be seeing lots more of him as he progresses in life.
I will be uploading tons of pictures and videos soon.
Here he is at 6 weeks old.

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