Jon Stewart VS Jim Cramer (CNBC)

Jon Stewart is my Hero for the day today. See I just found a few clips from the Daily Show where Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer from Mad Money on Thursday night.

For those of you that dont know who Jim Cramer is, he is the lunatic that rolls his sleeves up on CNBC and tells you where you should put your money in stocks. He is a former hedge fund operator that has made millions and now all he wants to so is help YOU make money.

That’s what they want us to believe, “they” being the spinners over at CNBC. They are the so called “experts”.
Truth is, there is a ton of corruption on Wall Street and Jim is often pumping failing stocks. All he has to do is say BUY or SELL a certain stock and it will have a direct effect the next day. Its sad but he has that power. He has that power, because there are so many uneducated stock players out there and people just want a safe heaven for their money.
I feel sorry for all of those that called into his show the day before BEAR STERNS went under, he was telling them all NOT TO SELL and he was pumping his little button that says BUY BUY BUY and bulls parade across the screen.

Watch the next three videos to see Jon Stewart bust on him and CNBC and point all of this out. I love it. Its the truth about it all and he uncovers it so well.



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