Killer Bike Ride

Ok so I had this bright idea that I wanted to ride my bike from my house to the Grenada Lake emergency spillway, run the stairs there and ride back home afterwards.

Sounded good at the time. I even got my good friend ¬†Ferg (Justin Ferguson – follow him on facebook – he’s single ladies) to come along. We knew it would be tough but after telling several others that we were gonna do it, we couldn’t NOT do it now so Thursday afternoon as the rain was about to pour we said F it and started on our trek.

It was a Killer Bike Ride!!!

We ended up doing around 17 miles up and down hills and we also ran the Spillway Stairs twice. Thats 99 or 100 one way. So that means we did about 400 stair steps. We ran em up and down.

For those of you that know where I live, we rode from my house, down riverdale road, through the industrial park, then to the Grenada Lake tennis court area to ride the 1 mile fitness trial, then onto the emergency spillway area to run the steps next to it and back to the house.

I aint scared of a kick ass killer work out! Bring it on!

Here is our trek.



#1 Justin Ferguson on 05.08.09 at 8:12 am

What can I say…. We Killed It!!!

#2 Never too hot for a bike ride! | Seize The Page on 06.28.09 at 7:11 pm

[…] I biked the same path as I did last time but unfortunately as I logged the trip with RUNKEEPER on the IPHONE I noticed that it failed to log 6 miles. See I use the free RUNKEEPER app and it has sponsored ads on it. Well one of these ads popped up not a tenth of a mile down the road and it stopped tracking until the X was pressed. I noticed this when I reached the nature trail by the tennis courts at Grenada Lake. […]

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