Lost Bluff Trail-Is it 2.2 miles or 1.7 miles?

lostbluffOk as many of you know, I frequent the Lost Bluff hiking trail in Grenada, MS quite a bit. I walk it and jog it in hopes that one day I will be able to jog the entire thing. This is no easy task, as there are many steep inclines and declines along the way.

I usually take my iphone with me and use the gps to track my progress and run times using RunKeeper. This a great app, but recently I have been wondering how accurate is the gps.
See the sign at the beginning of the trail says that its approximately 2.2 miles. Each time I complete the trail its on average 1.7 miles, my question was, is it logging my activity accurately while I am jogging?

I decided to walk it today and take my time, taking pictures along the way. Runkeeper allows you to take photos and upload as you go, it geotags the photos and places them on the map exactly where you took them.

I read that this new version of runkeeper is using live gps tracking not the every 6 second interval thing,  so there is no delay in tracking intervals. It also recorded the elevations, so I have a feeling that the trail mapping it totally correct and I do not know where this 2.2 miles is coming from thats mentioned on the sign. I guess they are taking into account every little trail thats not on the main trail?

There were times when pictures would not uploaded to RunKeeper.
I blame this on ATT.

Below you will see the map with pictures and also a gallery of all the photos taken, some of which didn’t upload to RunKeeper

Be sure and click here for complete map with photos taken along the way, elevations and all that very cool stuff!

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