Lost Bluff Trail Video

I often run/jog/walk the Lost Bluff trail here in my hometown. It is a very challenging trail to run. One that requires you to be alert, as there are many dangers like sleep hills, and descents, exposed tree roots to trip on, and if its in the summer, sweltering heat.

The trail claims to be 2.2 miles through rigorous terrain, I find it to be 1.62 miles using GPS.

I ran this trail at around 1 p.m. when the heat was a blistering 102F and heat index of 113F.

When I was done I could ring out my tank top and get a half a cup of sweat from it.

If you want to test your stamina, endurance, and cardio, you will want to give this trail a try. Once you get it down pat, your only competition will be that of your stop watch as you try and beat your last time. My best time was 23 minutes. I average about 26 minutes.

In the video below, I take you with me on my jog, using a pair of mini dvr sunglasses that I purchased online.

So that it would not be completely boring, I threw in some still shots of the trail and some extra footage taken by the dvr sunglasses.

All of this was shot using the DVR SPY SUNGLASSES, the music was obtained from and all of it was edited on an iMac using iMovie.

This is a large video, about 26 minutes in length so I had to break it down into two parts due to the limitations of YouTube.

Sorry for all the shake, it is on my head and I was jogging after all. Hopefully the music and still shots and sometimes video scenes that do not shake, will help you tolerate it and watch it all the way to the end.

Part One.

Part Two

These glasses are great, and would probably be great for hunting and fishing as well.

Get you a  pair on E-Bay really cheap.


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