Louie Back at Home Safe

Hey all, I think when I last chatted about Louie, he had gotten home from the vet on Monday and just ran off without even saying thanks for getting his eye stitched up. Well that was on Monday.

I was getting worried about him Tuesday and went riding on my around the block looking for him and could not find him anywhere. I was fearing that I might find him laid up in a ditch somewhere or found victim of the highway, but I didn’t thank goodness.

Wednesday, I fired up the four-wheeler and went riding to look for him, and this time I wanted to ride through the fields nearby and see if maybe he was hurt or injured or even dead somewhere. If he was I would be sad, but at least I would know, you know what I mean?

While on the four-wheeler I was able to go places that I couldn’t in the truck and I managed to find him!

He was at a ladies house who had a some big dog, I forget what kind it was, but she was in heat and had Louie crazy! The lady said she tried to run him off several times and that she didnt see a tag on him. Well he has a tag, but Im sure he wouldnt let anyone close.

He came right to me as if he missed me greatly, and wanted to hop in my lap as I sat on the four-wheeler and thats not like him, because he hates the four-wheeler.

I grabbed him and eased home. He didn’t really like the ride home, but once we were home I put him on a long runner cable near his dog house.

He has been howling wanting to get back over there to his girlfriend. He will get over it soon.

I need him to be safe at home, and I still have medicine to give him every 12 hours for his eye, so girlfriends will have to wait.


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