I have not yet introduce all of you to my other pets, Louie and DL (downlow). most of you may have thought that I only had Jack. Well we actually have two dogs that reside outside and one that now resides inside with us.

I will write a seperate article about DL later on, but for now I will focus this articles attention on Louie, because he was recently injured.

Louie is about around four years old now. My wife got him for my stepson as a Valentines day gift in 2004 I  believe. He was not exactly a rescue pet, but you could say he was if you had seen the living conditions where she picked him up from. He was advertised as a free puppy, but I beleive where he came from, the people there were of need of a little help and she paid a small sum for him. She did so gladly just to relieve him of the living situation he was in. I will spare you the details.

Louie is a very loyal and loving dog. I never took the time to train him in any way so he has no real special talents, but he is a great dog that has plenty of affection and he is a joy to watch running through the yard chasing balls or squirrels.

He has been in many fights with our other dog DL. I mean some really bad ones, but they never have hurt each other seriously bad. Why do they fight? Well its just territorial really I think, both are males, and DL just showed up here a year and a half ago and they just never get along when people are around. They both crave attention.

Yesterday morning I went outside with Jack to let him do his business and Louie came up bleeding bad, really bad. DL was right there and they didnt seem to want to get into it, so I assumed that Louie had been injured by another dog or even possibly an Armidillo.

He has been know to mess with them alot.

Anyways his eyelid was gashed open really bad and I had to take him to the vet to get stitched up and he stayed overnight.

I will be going to get him later on today and will post back



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