Louie Update

Louie is back home but no for long. As soon as I got him home, he was growling at DL and just bolted towards the neighbors house peeing on everything in sight.

I finally got him to come to me long enough to snap the picture below but after that he was back rambling and Justin and I later found him squabling with something in the field behind our house.

He might have been messing with a Armidillo or something, thats my best guess.

There was another dog in the field with him and he didnt seem to have a problem with him.
We hopped over the fence to see what it was Louie was fighting with,  but by the time we got over, he and the thing were gone.

I have not seen him since. Hopefully he will be home later for me to give him his meds the vet gave me.

All patched up!

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#1 Louie's Mom on 08.25.08 at 6:33 pm

Yeah for Louie! Thank goodness he was ok! We love him very much even though he is very anti-social. Most of the time he just tolerates us cause we give him food and occasional he likes a good rub.

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