Never too hot for a bike ride!

Ok so today it reached 99F with a heat index of probably 105F and what do I do? Go for a bike ride of course!

I biked the same path as I did last time but unfortunately as I logged the trip with RUNKEEPER on the iPHONEI noticed that it failed to log 6 miles. See I use the free RUNKEEPER app and it has sponsored ads on it. Well one of these ads popped up not a tenth of a mile down the road and it stopped tracking until the X was pressed. I noticed this when I reached the nature trail by the tennis courts at Grenada Lake.

I have now purchased the RUNKEEPER PRO app and this should never happen again. It has more feature too!

This time around was easier than the last.
I purchased one of those Hydration Packs to help me out this time.

In the map below, 6 miles are missing. I left where the red pin is, went to the nature trail/tennis court area and rode through the nature trail, then onto the emergency spillway area and run down and back up the 100 steps, then proceeded back and rode through the nature trail once more and back on home. The sun took a break at one point and let a few drops of rain fall onto me giving me a nice cool down.

I think next time I will try for 25 miles.


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#1 Morgan on 06.29.09 at 7:12 pm

Hot. Too damn hot

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