New Hardwood Floors Throughout


Ok started this Monday off with Johnathan Bray laying laminate hardwood flooring in my home.

Before I was laid off and eventually nulled out from WACO when the facility closed down, I had purchased enough flooring to do the house as well as an addition we were planning on doing to the house.

This flooring eventually ended up in storage until we could get the addition built but since the addition would be put on hold for who knows how long, we decided to go ahead and do the existing part of the house for now.

Let me be the first to tell you that no matter how many videos you watch or books you read, you should not try to do an entire house unless you have done it before.

I am so glad I hired a helping hand that knows how to do this. If I had not done so, it would have probably taken me about 7 days or so to do what we did in 3 days.

It took 49 boxes to do the house and he was so good at it that we only had about half a wheel barrel full of waste left over. Thats 392 boards we put down and had to tap each one in place.

These were the 7 inch wide boards. Not those little skinny ones. I wouldn’t wish those on anyone.

Once we got started it was fairly easy to layout. We had to move things from one room to another, totally cluttering up rooms until one room was complete, and then move things back into the room. It was a complete mess for 3 days. All of the baseboards had to come up, get put back down, and repainted.

When it was all over it turned out great. Now we have some durable easy to clean floors. We love em.

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#1 Diane on 10.27.08 at 11:24 am

Looks Great!

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