Nothing Special

Well I am almost done with this month and my post-a-day for 30 days. Did you notice where I missed a day? Yeah it was on the 7th, a Sunday. Easy to forget to blog on the weekends.

Friday night the me and my fam went to the Grenada High School Homecoming game. I didn’t expect it to rain, because it was 30% chance and sunning when we arrived. Wouldn’t you know it, during the prayer before kickoff, the bottom fell out and it didn’t stop.

Unprepared, had no umbrella, just my wife’s sweatshirt that she brought in case it was too breezy for her. Well it was now atop my head as I tried to stay dry while she was underneath the bleachers. She was on her way to the concessions when it started raining.

I remembered I had a poncho in the car and got it for her to use and we made it till about half time and bailed on the game. The chargers were losing, I think it was 14-0 when we left. I sure hate that it rained. I love watching the band perform at half time, oh well.

Later that night I finally won me a TOM TOM GO 730 from E-Bay that I have been wanting. Friday night is the best night to win things on the cheap. Everyone is busy doing things other than bidding on items, so you have a better chance at sniping and getting it cheap, which I did. I will discuss that device in a later post.

Saturday, didn’t do much. Got a haircut, did a little web work, played with Jack, did some rope climbing in the yard to sorta say that I worked out that day, also did some pull-ups and curls. Weak day.

Watched a movie too and old one that I had seen before. It was The Good Son (1993) if you have not seen it get it. Its still good, it holds weight.

This weekend is flying by. As I write this it is now 2 minutes till Sunday morning and I will schedule it to post about 2 hours from now so it will still be warm tomorrow when you guys read it. Not sure what I will be doing tomorrow. I got more website work to do for some clients and I will most likely be doing that and gathering ideas for more posts for next week and for the website. Hope you checked that one out.

Well as you can see this post was exactly as the title suggests, nothing special.

Type ya later…



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