Once Upon a Time in Mexico

When I was writing that last post I was looking out my window just admiring the beauty of the earth and sky and it made me want to listen to the Gypsy Kings for some reason. Not sure what sparked this. Maybe it reminded me of this clip from Bedazzled, which is a good movie by the way, you should watch it sometime. Its about a guy that wants a girl and the devil gives him 3 wishes or something like that. Click here to learn more.

Anyways…in this clip he is on wish number one where he asked to be rich and powerful, and the wish was granted as a Mexican drug lord. In this clip you will here the Gypsy Kings sing Bem Bem Maria. This has to be my favorite song by them next to their take on Hotel California. Check out the clip!

Ok so who are the Gypsy Kings? Well they are a Mexican band that plays Mexican music that I started listening to a long time ago probably around 2001 after I saw this movie and when I was all about everything MEXICO.

I became crazy about Mexico and all things related to the place, when  I became friends with the crew at LaCabana. Back then I became “tight” with the whole family and I wanted to learn to speak Spanish.  So I started learning Spanish, I started digging Mexican music, and I visited Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and Cancun and loved it there.

Im on the far right

Im on the far right

Im behind everyone. Look at Carlos, he was soo young.

Im behind everyone. Look at Carlos, he was soo young.

Me acting a fool with the beer dispenser.

Me acting a fool with the beer dispenser.

At that point in my life I could “see” myself living over there one day.

Things changed for me when the company I worked for at that time was moving all operations to Mexico to save money. Cheaper Labor.  This meant for me I was either A. about to lose my job or B. about to move to Mexico.

I guess “seeing” myself living in Mexico was about to become a reality. The company sent me to Del Rio Texas to see if I would like to live there and cross the border each day to work.

Del Rio was ….ok, it was like twice the size of Grenada, only with a lot more Mexicans.  Back then I was married to my first wife and we both agreed that it just wouldn’t be fun living there. We would miss our family and friends too much and we were toying with the idea of starting a family of our own. Can you imagine what it would be like to be pregnant on the border of Mexico and only have me by your side? Yeah scary thought, so we knew that wouldn’t work. She would miss mommy too much.

Anyways long story short, it wasn’t for me. I see myself living more coastal near the ocean in Mexico or St. Thomas one day.

Anyways here is a simple playlist below from the Gypsy Kings.

SeeqPod – Playable Search


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