Have you seen those commercials about the Pivotrim weed trimmer head?

This one here watch it.

Well guess what? Me being the avid yard cutter that I am I ordered this thing and I was really amazed. I got it in the mail today and attached it really really easily and I was insane at cutting grass. Its so buck wild in fact that I had to actually take two of the four strings off it. It was too much for my weed eater.

With two lines on it, its cutting fantastic! I am just amazed.

This is really the first time I saw something on TV and ordered it and it actually worked out well.

If you need to soup up your weed eater and are tired of bumping it on the ground to get more line, get this!

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#1 MoBo on 07.20.11 at 10:28 am

Mitch… I think you should make your vid with your pivotrim. Besure to get some protective lens like that dude.
I want to see it in action in your yard.

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