Botched Lip Jobs

Do we have any Army Wives fans in here?

How about Ghost Whisperer fans?

First let me talk about Kim Delaney from Army Wives.

A lot of you will be familiar with Kim Delaney AKA Claudia Joy Holden.

Have you noticed how Kim Delaney’s mouth now looks like a ducks mouth?
She has obviously had some lip work done, some collogen no doubt, but why?
It only made her go from bad to absoloutly fugly!

Check out these pictures of before and after

This is when she was normal.

I think this is another NORMAL picture. Not 100% though.


See the duck face taking effect?

Here friend here has a natural Duck Bill. No need in her spending thousands.
Ok moving on… I was sitting down with wifey and she was watching Ghost Whisperer, and I couldn’t help but notice this puffer fish looking girl that used to resemble someone attractive. It was Nikki Cox.
She was guest starring on an episose called deadbeat dads that aired May 2 2008.
She was playing Nina Haley.

Anyways, her face was absolutly BOTCHED!!!
She should hire a hitman to kill he person that did her face work.

When she was NORMAL

A before and after

Now its starting to get a little scary.

Ok I saved the best for last. Hope you already ate!

Pictures really do not do this catastrophe any justice.
If only I had video for you to see these lips in action you just really wont understand.

What is up with Hollywood these days?
Can’t these actresss leave well enough alone and just be happy with who they are?

This just confirms that being rich and famous does NOT mean one is necessarily smart.



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#2 Nyllaka on 09.29.09 at 5:24 pm

Catherine Bell also has had duck lips done, they are not natural. You have to go back to early episodes of Jag to see her beautiful face without the lips done. Kim Delaney must have gone to the same hack surgeon. Or is that a sturgeon, regardless fish lips are awful, especailly since they were beautiful to begin with. Nikki Cox really messed herself up too.

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#4 anonymous on 03.21.11 at 11:46 am

So very, very sad. I watched army wives last night for the first time in years and was shocked to see how Kim Delaney’s face has deteriorated. She used to be so pretty!

Have to say the same for Nikki Cox. Once pretty, now bag-over-the-head material.

Tyler Hunter, Meg Ryan, Cher, Nicole Kidman – all once very beautiful women who have botched their looks with bad plastic surgery – and it’s not like they can’t all afford the best!

But here’s the thing – why keep trying to make yourself look better when you already look great?

yes, aging causes most lips to thin. So what? Puffer lips aren’t that appealing, anyway. Plus, you have to know what looks good on your bone structure, shape of face, etc. Apparently, these women just don’t get it. So very sad.

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