Running Stairs for Excercise

Sometimes for exercise I like to go to a place local to me out at Grenada Lake. There are some emergency spillway stairs that are 110 steps up and down. Its very hard to jog them for a lot of times.

For several years I have visited these steps and I usually can do it twice. That’s going up and down one time and then do it again and I am usually spent! Well then I got to where I could do it three times. To me this was a big accomplishment cause I have heard that no one in the area has done it more than five times. I shall keep those two people that have done it five times anonymous.

So anyways I did it three times on several occasions.

Yesterday I had a wild idea that I wanted to go run the stairs three times and try to get a fourth.
Then being the avid camera guy and media junky that I am, I thought to myself …Why not video it?
I know you are saying, why video it? Well here are several reasons.

  • It may be cool to see how it looks doing it
  • Just in case I actually succeed in doing a fourth time.
  • It would be cool to show others how its done
  • If I trip and stumble it will be something for us all to laugh at

This is a very challenging exercise. It really gets exhausting. At the top of the stairs it feels like you have little children hanging on each leg. Incredible pump. This is great for HIIT (high intensity interval training) if you are looking for something to do to burn fat fast.

So here is the video I put together using a pair of DVR sunglasses to give you the effect of what I see, then two point and shoot personal hand held cameras set up on tripods to catch 2 angles. I edited this in iMovie on the Mac.


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