Searching for the Bad Economy

As David Risley points out in this video that he made, where is this bad economy?

In the video below, he and his wife went to the mall and were looking for a parking place. They have a tough time. Seems like no one has slowed down in the spending of their money, so where is this bad economy?

I myself went to Memphis to return some gifts. I went on a Monday thinking it would be easy to get around and do what I had to do. I WAS WRONG !!!!

I could not beleive the amount of traffic on the roads. It was like the day before Christmas. The mall was FULL, the roads all around the mall area were FULL, traffic backed up, Interestate 240 and Interstate 40, FULL.

Now I want to say “doesn’t anyone work anymore!” but unemployment is way up so that nulls out that statment, I cant say that, but why is everyone in the road and in the malls without jobs?

Whats the secret? I want to know! I would love to not work and run the roads and shop all day too!!!

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#1 Dave on 02.25.09 at 4:07 pm

I agree. I live in Detroit-Michigan has been rated the worst state economy-wise… Yet just today I saw several brand new pickup trucks in the parking lot.

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