Ship Island Excursion 2009

Hey all, just got back from a short mini vacation to Ship Island off the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Gulfport, MS.

We went last year and well, we just love this place and decided to make a short trip once again to this awesome spot.

This time on Ship Island we simply took in some sun, walked on the beach looking at lots of marine life,  swam in the super dooper salty ocean, and enjoyed ourselves.

We had the wonderful opportunity to eat at Emerils it was crazy good.
I had the Gumbo of the Day
Shrimp & Grits Lazy Magnolia Beer Barbequed Shrimp with Smoked White Cheddar Grits, Crimini Mushrooms, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Grilled Green Onions and a Creole Tomato Glaze
and for dessert Homemade Ice Cream Trio.
We also ate at Lookout 49 again, we love this place and I highly recommend it if you are ever in Gulfport, MS

A place to eat that I DO NOT recommend and should be avoided at all costs is Snappers Seafood in Biloxi. They dont even have a website and they should as expensive as the food was.  Their food was sub satisfying and ridiculously over priced. Click Here to see what others had to say

Some other things we did, were bowling, shopping and took in two movies, The Hangover, which was super funny about 4 guys and their bachelor party in Vegas, and Public Enemies, which was about John Dillinger. The movie was just…ok, it was long and drawn out.

Well that was about it, a short mini-vacation.


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