To All The Cellphones I’ve Loved Before

To all the cellphones I’ve loved before you just can’t hold a candle to the iPhone…..sorry.

Yes I now have a shiny new iPhone and I love it.
I was against getting one when they first came out, because it lacked so many things I thought a cellphone should have.
Some of these things were:

No copy and paste
No video recording
No voice/memo recording
No Multimedia Message Sending
No Removeable battery
No 3G Connectivity
No Voice Dialing
No MP3 as a ring tone
No Over The Air Downloads
No integration with MS Exchange
No Office support for Word and Excel docs
There are probably some things that I am forgetting but you get the idea.

At the time when it came out I had the Nokia 6682 and it did most of those things, so I just scoffed at the $700 price tag for a 4gig iPhone that dint do as much as my current phone did.

It is also worth saying that it’s always best to not buy anything in its first year production.
You should let the manufacturers work the kinks and bugs out of new products before you buy them.

After the second generation iPhone came out, some new things were added.
Better battery life
GPS (really good I might add)
3G Connectivity
Exchange Support
Office Support
Over the Air downloads (FW2.2)

There is still no Voice Dialing, Video Recording, or MMS but really these are features I find myself not using much at all anyways.
As my contract was coming to an end I was thinking about getting an iPhone but they were still high in price so I got the BlackJack II red.

I liked this phone with its Windows Mobile. It was easy to hack and make it do just about anything, but it was still Windows and there were times when it absolutly drove me mad. It would get slow at times and there were lots of errors to where I would have to remove the battery completely to recover from it.

I kept telling myself that my next phone would be an iPhone when my contract expires.
They are now $199 when you re-up your contract. Unfortunately for me, its a long time before that happens and I was really wanting to get one asap since I new several people that had one and after I messed with it some I really grew to liking it more and more. If I were to buy one out of contract it would cost $399…ouch.

A stroke of luck just happened to come my way. I had for the longest time a 1975 Vintage Fender Telecaster Bass that’s been with me for about 20 years. It was beat up and in need of some TLC from someone that like to restore these things. It had been in once closet after another, to under beds, to being in the city storage for over 2 years.

We decided to try and cut some costs around the home and that storage facility was one of them. We had a large garage sell and I had a few items left over that I didn’t want to include in the garage sell. One of them being the bass guitar.

I took pictures of it and contacted Morrison Brothers Music in Jackson, MS to see if they bought old guitars and they did. They just wanted to see some pictures so I emailed “Clint” some and never heard back from him. After about five days I called and talked to someone else. I sent the pictures to this new person and Clint one more time. The newer person I talked to responded, but Clint did not. I waited 2 more weeks and decided it was time to post it on eBay.

I talked to a good freind on the matter and he said that its possible that I may could get between $400 and $700 for it.

I started the auction at $700, thinking that wow if I sell this I will get me an iPhone easily.


I scheduled it to post around Wednesday and finish on Sunday. Stats have shown this is best for optimal selling and it had worked for me in the past many times over. I did this on a Friday early in the afternoon. Later that evening I decided to go ahead and list it and let it run for 10 days becuase I didnt think I would get many hits on it since it was in such bad shape. I figured it needed the most time I could get for it to be on eBay.

I listed it and not 20 minutes later I got an email from a buyer asking me if I would change it to buy now and sell it 3x what I had listed it for.

It didn’t take me long to think about this. I took it and had the money in my paypal not long after. I shipped it immediately the next morning and he was very happy with it.

I was now able to get my iPhone and also get one for my wife! She is a phone power user so she really needed one and has loved hers thus far.

I just love this device. I am really glad I waited awhile before getting one.

The GPS on it rocks! Its fast to get a lock. With my blackjack II you would have to get a lock before traveling at speeds of 60mph or so, but the iphone does it regardless of speed.

I love the wifi. I am practically around wifi all the time so this is really nice.

I have yet to do it, but it also has tv out on it so I can plug it up to a TV and watch one the movies I have on it, or share photos.

This is something that the ipod video could do from the get go and the first gen iphone never did. I don’t understand why they didn’t do that with the first gen but they have since corrected that and I am glad.

It also syncs really well with my Tom Tom GO 730 for hands free talking while in the car. I just leave my bluetooth on all the time and it connects as soon as I get into the car.

Its integration with Microsoft Exchange Server is great. When my wife and I left the store, we went to eat chinese, and while we were eating, I connected to exchange work server and pulled in all my contacts and emails in a snap. Gmail was even easier.

Also since the new 2.2 upgrade via itunes, the battery life has tripled it seems!

I am really amazed at the easy of use of this device. I could go on and on but I think I will save some of my thoughts for another post.

Check out this cellphone time line of mine.


#1 Chaz on 11.24.08 at 8:19 pm

I don’t have the iphone, yet. It’s clearly be the best phone. I can upgrade in 6 months! What I don’t like are the hidden fees. Right now I pay $68/month for 2 phones with unlimited calling, but 10 cents each text. I’m guessing that would at least double to use the iphone, plus you have to pay to download each app. Not sure if “jailbreaking” it fixes that? Maybe someone will buy my Jr. High trumpet for $1500, and then I can get one too. any offers?

#2 Mitch Costilow on 11.24.08 at 10:58 pm

Actually there are no hidden fees. I pay for the 450 nationwide with 5000 nights and weekends plus rollover (which I have like over 2000) unlimited test and data and its $98 a month

As for the apps, there are probably more free apps than there are pay for apps.

Check them out here

I found a free one the other day that lets me go for a bike ride and it will use the gps to map my ride and speeds. Looked interesting.

Pop that trumpet on eBay, you never know you just might hit it big.

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