Trail Hiking with Trail Guru

Ok @leggett and I decided to hike the Lost Bluff Hiking trail together yesterday and this time I wanted to try trailguru again an use it to take pictures along the way to see if it would put the pictures on the map as we progressed the trail.

I learned a few things yesterday doing this.

While using trailguru, if you press the iphone’s lock key to blank out the screen, you turn gps off.
Also if you get a phonecall or reply to a text message, during your trek, it will stop the timer and mapping so you will have to start it again after the phone call or text. You will not lose already mapped data, you will just have to press start again on the app to pick up where it was paused.

I know now that the app has its own lock button that I can use instead of the iphones lock button. This prevents the GPS and app from going to sleep and losing trail data.

I posted the map below to show you that during screen locks and phonecalls it really messed up the mapping of my hike. It did however do as I expected and put the pictures on the map.
You will have to click on the plus sign and zoom in on the trail to see the pics. YOu will notice the broken trail lines where the gps got deactivated.

I want to do this will MotionX gps next and give it another shot. The reason I am liking trailguru (free app) over MotionX Gps (pay app) right now is that it doesnt lose GPS signal like Motion X does.

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#1 leggett on 04.09.09 at 4:53 pm

you should’ve had a picture of me huffin and puffin afterwards. ugh.

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