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Today in an earlier post, I hiked the Lost Bluff nature trail at Grenada Lake and used a new app for the iphone called MotionX GPS.

Its a fair app but it did not properly map my hike as it lost signal several times. Why it did this I dont know. It is supposed the be the BEST GPS app for the iphone.

I did the 2 mile trail and it said it was 4 miles. FAIL!

I decided to do the trail again using a free app called TRAIL GURU and it did it properly.

Want to know more about the LOST BLUFF TRAIL?

Lost Bluff Nature Trail is located south of Grenada Lake Dam. It is a loop trail that is a little over two miles long. It combines nature and history. It starts at a trailhead off of the road that also crosses the dam to the north. The trail almost immediately starts going downhill.

If you look up to the left you’ll see an interesting looking hill. You will visit it later in the hike. Once you are down in the ravine the trail follows a creek until it crosses it. Then you are faced with one of many steep climbs up an almost vertical hill. This is some very rough and convoluted terrain and there are some spots where you could slip so be careful.

After you make it to the top of the first hill you can follow a small spur trail along a ridge to a point that overlooks the dam’s emergency spillway. Then you backtrack and alternate between ridges and steep hills until you come to another overlook that looks down on the original river channel. There are usually people fishing down there. Be careful if you are with children or dogs.

Then the trail goes over a hill and down into another hollow that follows a creek. It eventually crosses the creek by way of a bridge and goes steeply uphill again. The climb levels and soon you are walking on another ridge. In the spring the dogwoods look really great through here.
Eventually the trail comes to a T intersection. Go left to complete the loop, but there is a surprise that awaits you if you take the trail to the right. More about this later.

The trail follows another ridge along an old road and is fairly level until it comes to that interesting hill we passed earlier. This is an old Civil War fort that was one of eight set up to defend Grenada against possible attack from General Grant. This fort has been left as it was found. There is another one on the nearby road that has been restored complete with cannons.( Now, if you had taken the right turn back at the T you would have left the main trail and passed into what may be private land. When I was here the area had been logged, but guess what I found on the high point overlooking the river and town to the right of the road/trail? Another fort!)

Leave the fort as you found it (I’ve noticed fire rings and trash left here before) and go back down to the main trail and take a left back to the trail head. While you are in the area you should check out the nearby White State Park Trail System. There is also a great visitor center at the dam with a short film and museum style exhibits. Camping is allowed in designated areas only.


#1 leggett on 04.04.09 at 10:41 pm

Nice post. Im looking forward to hitting it this week in between the thunderstorms. werd.

#2 Scott on 04.13.09 at 12:18 pm

I think all of trailguru is down?? Does anyone know anything about this

#3 seizethepage on 04.14.09 at 10:22 am

Site seems to be DOWN and has been down for days now.

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