Trip To Disney World Is In Motion

As many of you know for the next several days my Wife and I will be at Disney World with the Grenada High School Visions Show Choir.

During this time I plan to keep all my followers up to date and abreast of almost every passing moment with my trusty Iphone, and

This site allows me to post my comments to email and it will shoot them out to my blog ( and so for those of you that see me on facebook and nowhere else, you will be IN THE KNOW at all times on what I am doing. Same goes for my twitter followers and those that only see what I am up to using this website. is awesome if you find yourself updating several social networking sites throughout the day. They make it soo easy to control. They cover what seems like over 50 socail sites. Enough rattling on about them, you can check that site out later, heh I may also blog about it soon.

Since I will be posting ALL THE TIME over the next several days, I decided to turn off the email notifications that are usually sent to my website subscribers. I think you would get highly annoyed if you got an email from my website every few minutes or several times within an hour, so for now that is shut off.

You will just have to remind yourself to check in on the website often. I will be posting lots of pictures of the trip along with brief descriptions of whats going on, so it should be fun and interesting.

Don’t you just love what all technology can do for us these days? I know I sure do.

Ok Im getting ready to close the lid on my suitcase and get ready to go, so don’t forget to check often daily for new updates. If you already follow me on twitter through your cellphone or web, you will also be in the know. Same goes for facebookers.

Aight I’m out, see ya on the flipside.


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