Weber Carburetor Fuel Pressure Regulator Mount

On my Mazda B2200 I have a Genuine Weber 32/36 and its been a great carburetor. I have been running it for years.

A while back I got another Mazda (1990) and its been dubbed for now my “Project Truck”. 

This truck was initially bought for parts to ensure the survival rate of my 88 Mazda. It had been sitting in a field and had almost 400,000 miles on it. I really need to start another post about that truck so that I do not get long winded into this post, so to make this a little shorter, I did get the truck running, and then later rebuilt another motor to put in it.

With this new motor I installed a new Weber Carburetor. 

Weber Carburetors run best on 2.5 to 3 psi of fuel pressure.  The Mazda has a mechanical pump and I was unsure of exactly what it was putting out, so I decided to order a Holley Fuel Pressure Gauge and a Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator.  You will also need this Fuel Line Fittings if you choose to do exactly as I did. I also recommend Permatex Permashield Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing and Sealant for the fittings. Many use Teflon tape in this situation but its not recommended. Some will tell you they’ve used regular old gas resistant Teflon tape (yellow stuff) with success. This is not recommended because it risks breaking free. Liquid or paste type thread sealants are kinder to sensitive components down stream. Mechanics repairing injectors, fuel pumps and carburetors can tell you first hand it is not uncommon to trace fault in the fuel component to clogging from a piece of Teflon tape that washed off the ends of the threads, clogging in the first tiny micron orifice it encounters, if not the fuel pump then an injector or carburetor gallery. 

OK now back to the good stuff. When the parts arrived I excited and quickly put everything together to see what the pump was putting out. The mechanical pump on the Mazda puts out anywhere from 3.5 to 5 and while it does work fine, I wanted to go ahead and run the fuel pressure regulator for a while and see if I would notice any difference.

Now that it was connected, it was just dangling in between the valve cover and carburetor and that would just not be good during travel so I need to come up with a solution for a mount.

I liked where it was I just needed to secure it there somehow. I noticed that the two upper bolts for the intake were easily accessible, so I knew I wanted to create a mount there. I had an extra intake gasket so I could start a template for the mount there using the two upper intake holes.

I traced the holes onto cardboard, and took a few simple measurements and no time I had a general idea of what to cut out of steel. 

The Holley fuel pressure regulator comes with an L bracket so that you can mount it on the firewall or fender, but instead I used it and 3 bolts that I had to provide, to mount it to the bracket that I made.

I traced the L bracket and the holes that were in it to the cardboard, then drilled all the holes out, then cut along my traced lines. Now I have a bracket. I painted it, and test fit it. Seems to be going well at this point.

Now I took the FPR off and mounted it to the bracket I just made and bolted it all up, connected the lines and tested it out. Its very sturdy and strong and will serve my needs. 




If you would like to order yourself a Genuine Weber for your application, please contact

Call and order 1-800-733-2277 Option 3


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