What Is Seize The Page?


Recently I wrote a post about what a blog was. Now I am writing about what is seize the page. What is it? Why the name Seize The Page?  Well coming up with a domain name is actually very hard. Almost everything you can think of is already taken. I think I read once that all 1,2,3,4 letter and number combos are already taken. Can you believe that?

See for yourself over at Just try anything there and you will see that its taken. Then for fun go to the site. 80% of the time the site that you WISHED wasn’t taken is not even being used! Its just sitting there squatting hoping someone like you will want it bad enough that you will pay thousands for it. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I just went to and I wanted to see just for fun if the letter m was taken and it was. I had to type 29 letter m’s before I found it to be available. But who wants ?

Now I know what you are asking….who owns such a stupid domain name? Well you can use to find out.

Belize Domain WHOIS Service Lt
Suite 5, Garden City Plaza
Mountainview Boulevard
City of Belmopan, Not Applicable 0000
Then there is
c/o Whois IDentity Shield
142-757 W. Hastings St., Suite #777
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 1A1

But I can rant on this all day…. back to my story….

Oh but first-

Check out this video. This guy is being funny but really its no exaggeration. This is really how bad it is to find a good name.

So when I decided on a domain name I had a realization. Whenever I was about to construct a website or write something, the blank page starring at me was the hardest part. Getting started seemed to take forever but once I got going all things were good.

So I decided that what I needed to do was get a carpe diem attitude but instead of seizing the day, I would seize the page and amazingly it was available. I quickly registered it at godaddy where I have my hosting.

Ok so now you know about the name, I guess now you are wondering what this site/blog is about. Am I right? Well its simple. Its just me! Its a blog about what I am up to and whats going on in my life. See I like to write, and now that I ‘work from home’ I can write about things that I do and things that happen on a more regular basis.

So this site is simply what it says, a public journal of my life’s activities and other interesting things.

Over on the right you will see place where you can enter in your email address and get an email notification eash time I post a new article. Please sign up. This way you wont have to wear your self out checking for updates by refreshing the page or coming back each day. That is of course unless you just want to.



#1 Chaz on 09.20.08 at 10:50 am

Got 2 ideas for new posts.
Since you sold your car PC, write about the different GPS’ your thinking about getting.
As a PC expert, how bout writing about IE8, Chrome and Firefox.

#2 Mitch Costilow on 09.20.08 at 1:13 pm

Yeah well I already won the gps system I wanted the TOMTOM Go 730 on Ebay last night, but I will write about it and why I chose it.

Also the browser wars write up, well this is not really a tech blog, thats more suited fore but I will probably end up writing something about them all and posting on each blog.

Thanks for the comment

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