What the Boys Have Been Doing.

I was once told that I needed to stop writing about my pets so much, that this was not really a pet blog. I think I will have to run a poll later and see what my audience thinks. Anyways for now here is just an update on what the boys have been doing.


Jack is now a little over 3 months old and he loves hiding his pigskin chewtoys. I dont understand why he does it. He doesnt want to hide any of his toys or other things just those pigskin chews that I give him every now and then.

I saw him today take his little pigskin and take it to this area of the living room thats by the couch and in between the couch and end table he likes to pretend to bury it. He actually tries to dig for a bit, place the pigskin in an imaginary hole, then proceed to nose the imaginary dirt over the hole.

This is pure instinct on his part. Isn’t that just amazing. Its in his DNA to do those things.

He has two of those skins that I let him play with and he hides each one. If I find one, he will relocate it for later. Today he tried to place one behind the bedroom door and he goes back often to check on it. Its really funny.

Yesterday he ran off and I ended up at the neighbors home and they have a cat named Tinkerbell. This was Jacks second encounter with Tinkerbell and I have some video of it. Its kinda cute.

Here are some pictures that were takin recently. Oh check out how funny he looks when he sleeps. He almost always sleeps on his back.



He recently got a new collar with some *BLING*

Other than that he has just been acting cool as always. He loves to ride and I take him to town most of the time with me. He recently started doing this thing in the car thats pretty cool. He will brace himself in the turns. Yes he really does. He will sometimes put his hands on the middle console in between the bucket seats and he will have his back legs on the back seat. Usually he stays proped up against the passenger seat and if I turn  to my left, he is fine, he just leans on the passenger seat. If I turn to my right, he braces hims self with his left hand on the driver seat. Its really cute. I will have to get some video or pictures of this soon.


Louies eye healed up nicely. He has been away from home for a bit chasing a lil female pup, but he is back home for now just chillin.

I do however have some pictures of him that I dug up of when he was 6 weeks old.


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