Whole House Water Filter

Today I had a whole house water filter installed from Chief Purification Installed on my house.

The Chief water filter will take out impurities in your water such as -sand particles -organic pesticides -dirt -clay -chlorine -bad taste -odors, all of which are harmful to you, your family and the appliances in your home or business.

I recently noticed that chlorine had started to cake up on my coffee maker, in the container that holds the water. It was starting to make it not want to drip correctly. I cleaned it up and now this should not be a problem anymore. See how unfiltered water can harm appliances?


The washing machine and hot water heater should fair much better also. The toilet used to get this rusty sorta film inside of the bowl. That will no longer happen, and thats good cause I do not like to clean toilets. The less the better.

Some may laugh but let me tell you, you will not understand how filthy your water really is until you compare it to really clean water. As you will see in the pictures, I have two buckets. One filled with water straight from our local water supplier, then in another bucket, the same water only it has passed through the filter.

Its an amazing differance. We can now make and eat our ice cubes. The dont stink or taste foul and are actually white. Our clothes will be much whiter now and I will no longer have to worry about T-Shirts turning yellow.

I filled up the tub and it reminded me of when I was in Vegas at the Bellagio. The water was crystal clear and had this slight inviting blue hue to it.

As you will see in this picture I have a piece of pipe that was cut during the install and it shows the deposits left inside the piping. This will eventually clean it self up as actual clean water is abrasive and will clean them over time.  So in a month or so from now the water will taste even better!

The great thing is that all I have to do to maintain it is backflush it about 6 times a year. There is a guy in Alabama that has had one for over 30 years. His lasted this long due to proper maintenance (backflushing). I will be sure to properly maintain mine as well and update you with pics on my first backflush.


#1 Dave on 08.18.08 at 2:02 pm

So? How much did all this cost?

#2 admin on 08.18.08 at 2:23 pm

It can be pricy at $1995 for the model I got.

I got a huge one to accomodate the house addition that we will build soon.

I also had to have a pressure regulator.

Thats it though, no more expense ever. These things last for 30+ years.

There is a guy in Alabama that has one and its 30 years old.

The owner of Chief Purification gave him a brand new one and wanted his old one to put on display at his store here in town.

But I must tell you its well worth it. Health has no price tag, and this water is super clean.

#3 Pahl on 04.04.09 at 11:33 pm

So it’s now a few months later. Are you still happy you have one. I talked to t fellow at the local home show here in Biloxi and I’m sold on it.

#4 seizethepage on 04.06.09 at 12:38 am

I am really enjoying it. I have flushed it a few times and it really is catching a bunch of stuff.

I love our fresh ice cubes and crystal clear baths.

Well worth it.

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